Thursday, April 22, 2010


I bet you think daily affirmations are silly. I know I did. But after giving them a try I noticed that somehow I felt different. I was calmer, happier and more centered. A great source for affirmations is Louise L. Hay. She has books and wisdom cards which I find very positive. Yes, some of them are hokey but for the most part they make sense. Here are a few from Louise.

I love being me. I no longer judge or criticize myself. I am free to love who I am.

I am perfect exactly as I am. If I wait until I become perfect before I love myself, I will waste my whole life. I am already perfect right here and right now.

I am good enough. I am not restricted by old, limiting beliefs from my family or from society.

I deserve only good in my life. I release other people’s fears and limitations. I think my own loving thoughts.

I love and accept myself right now. I am in the process of becoming my own best friend-the person I am most joyous to be with.

I am worth loving. At least three times a day, I stand with my arms wide open and say, “I am willing to let the love in It is safe to let the love in.”

I release all old hurts and forgive everyone, including myself. I can never get even. Revenge does not work, because what I give out comes back to me. The buck has to stop somewhere.

You can also make your own. Take something you are negative about and turn it into a positive. For instance, if you hate your thighs you can say, “My thighs helped me run 3 miles today and for that I am grateful.”  Or, if you feel you are not lovable you may want your affirmation to be “I am lovable” or “I am worthy of love.” Whatever your negative thoughts are write them down and turn them into a positive statement. The more you do this the more you will start to love yourself.

Put your affirmations in a place that will allow you to see them every day (front door, mirror, computer monitor). I have my favorite affirmation taped up next to my front door. When I leave every morning I get a little positive energy flowing before the craziness of the day sets in. 

Be Well!

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