Friday, September 4, 2009

Make Eating a Ritual

I ate dinner at my new dining room table tonight. I know, not terribly exciting so why am I blogging about it? Well, I live alone and tend to eat at my desk while on the computer and with the TV on in the background. Being distracted while eating makes it easy for me to scarf down my food without tasting it and often leads to overeating.

I usually eat breakfast and lunch in my office at my desk in front of the computer. There's not much I can do about that but I can change the way I eat when I am at home. Eating should be a ritual. When you have others over for dinner you set the table, get out your best dishes and silverware, you light candles and maybe even set the mood with relaxing music. You want to make your guest feel special. Well, what about doing that for yourself? Are you not special? Take the time to make yourself feel special. Eat at your table, light candles, play soothing music or do whatever else makes you feel special.

I know we are all busy but try doing this once a week to start. See how it feels. Notice if your feelings around eating change. Do you slow down while eating rather than inhaling the food. Can you taste your food;I mean really taste it? Remember, you are special and you deserve to treat yourself!

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