Saturday, December 19, 2009

GMST Challenge-Day 20-22

I know, I haven't posted in 3 days but I have been slammed at work. We have been pretty slow and then all of a sudden, madness!! To make things worse most of my staff is taking off for the Holidays, including me so we are way behind. I actually went into the office today to get some work done. But enough about work, let's talk GMST!

I have made an effort to get to bed at a decent hour and I have been doing pretty well. I have been getting up on time if not early too. Yeah me!
With all of the stress you would think I would be eating everything that isn't tied down...but I'm not! After all of the meat eating and other randomness from earlier in the week my body was craving veggies!  
Day 20: I made quinoa, steamed veggies and a veggie burger for lunch (told you I needed veggies!).   
Day 21: I had more steamed veggies over couscous w/a tuna burger. 
Day 22: I had a vegetarian burrito bowl from Chipotle.
What can I say, I like my veggies :)
When I am slammed at work the first thing to go is the workout.
Day 20-21: I added some walking to my commute but did not make it to the gym.  
Day 22: I did quite a bit of walking while running errands.
Self Care: time! I have to work on this.

Tomorrow I have more work to do but luckily my software at home is fixed and I will not have to go into the office. I plan on going to my 8:30 AM yoga class unless they cancel due to snow. Either way, I will get some kind of a workout in tomorrow. Until then...Be Well!

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