Friday, December 11, 2009

GMST Challenge-Day 14

I went to bed too late but managed to get up early which was hard b/c it's really cold outside (21 degrees this morning!).
Not too bad.
I had an awesome workout today. I took a little extra time at the gym this afternoon. I did full body weight training, jogged/walked 1.25 miles and stretched. I will feel a little pain tomorrow but it's worth it.
Self Care:
I allowed myself extra time at the gym.

I am 1/2 way through my challenge.  To recap, here's what I am trying to accomplish with this challenge:

It means no more excuses to stay up late. No more hitting the snooze for hours and then running around barely making it to work on time. No more lazy workouts. No more fast food, junk food and foods that hurt rather than help me. It means doing more yoga, making my workouts count, self care and cooking nourishing foods for myself even when I feel overwhelmed and stressed out. It means putting me first!

So how have I been doing? Not too bad. The hardest thing for me right now is the sleep part. I easily get sucked into something on TV or Facebook and then I stay up way too late. I have managed to get up earlier leaving me a little time to enjoy my oatmeal and coffee at home. For the next 2 weeks I plan to focus more on my bed time, the snooze button (limiting it) and giving myself more time for "me" in the morning.

The food part has been good. I have not had any fast food in 2 weeks and I have significantly cut down on the junk food. By listening and observing my body I've discovered that junk food has started to affect me in a new way; swelling. For the remainder of my challenge I will continue to cut out the crap. This is going to be really hard considering I have 3 holiday lunches planned next week and I have no control of what is being served on 2 of those days.

My workouts are better. I have been more consistent and I have been going to yoga on Sunday mornings.

How do I feel after 14 days...good! I feel lighter emotionally and physically. I may have lost a few pounds but I really don't know (I don't weigh myself). My pants do feel a bit looser though.

I would love to lose weight but right now it's not my main focus. What I need right now is to get control of my life. This means sleeping better, working out, eating less crap and taking time for me. This will make me feel happier and more alive.

Until tomorrow...Be Well!!

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