Monday, December 7, 2009

GMST Challenge-Day 9&10

Ups and downs...

I was in bed at a decent hour last night and I am still exhausted today. I had trouble sleeping through the night. First, I was hot. I cannot sleep when I'm hot. Second, the cats were running around at 2:30 AM!!! Once I ripped off the comforter and the cats settled down again I was able to sleep.
Day 9: I got a little off track. I had ice cream...a lot of ice cream and I feel like crap!! Not so much emotionally as physically. My body felt great without the crap and then to put all that ice cream in it...not good! I feel bloated, heavier, lethargic, less focused and I have a wicked headache coming on. Looking back at the act of eating the ice cream I notice that it wasn't the usual binge. I wasn't sitting around inhaling it like it was my last chance to eat ice cream...ever. It actually took me a while to eat it. I enjoyed the rich, creamy flavor; savored it. I am not sure if this is a good thing or not but it's definitely different.
Day 10: It's a new day and so far so good. I am eating as I normally would. I am not cutting calories or restricting myself in any way. Whatever happened with my food yesterday is in the past and I cannot change it. All I can do is treat my body with love and respect by giving it nourishing foods today.
Day 9: Yoga and a little walking
Day 10: 2 mile jog/walk
Self Care:
I am scheduled to volunteer tonight but if this headache keeps up I will have to cancel. I really don't want to cancel. Either way, I plan on getting to be early.

Until tomorrow...

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